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Curate and Display

Tiffany is a freelance interior stylist with editorial and visual merchandising experience, working with commercial and private clients on home staging, new build styling projects and shoots.

Tiffany has been a professional stylist for five years with experience in styling private homes for editorial features and producing lookbooks. Working with photographers has allowed her to strengthen her own photography skills which she uses when working with lifestyle brands on her blog, Curate and Display, and across social media platforms.

She has been renovating her own home for two years and using the results as a living portfolio. She specialises in creating contemporary, Nordic-inspired interiors and presenting lifestyle products of that style. Her background in theatre production and event planning enables her to plan for large-scale projects. She loves to transform empty spaces into livable rooms, to inspire others to see themselves in that space.

Recent Projects

An Edwardian home in Chatham stacked with original features lived in by a family of four and a cat.