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Francesco Pierazzi

Francesco Pierazzi Architects is an award winning, design-led architectural practice based in London and with experience in a wide range of sectors and scales, both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

For our practice, each project should tell a story and so we organize the composition of each design in such a way as to tell that story, through the organization of space, the modulation of light or the interpretation of the materials we choose to use. We have cultivated a particular interest in understanding the relationship between architecture and other artistic disciplines and how one – architecture – can be manipulated and influenced by the others.

We celebrate the ordinary or, vice versa, the extraordinary. A consistent approach in resolving our clients‘ ambitions and the complexity or simplicity of their brief – regardless of size and budget -, has become the starting point of an ongoing research into the rituals of the inhabitation of domestic and urban spaces.

Recent Projects

A beautiful penthouse apartment with stunning views of Canary Wharf and the East End of London.