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Gardiner Architects

Gardiner Architects is an established practice of five architects and ancillary staff. We have successfully completed various projects in education, health, aged care and workplace, as well as having a continual base of residential clients.

Our architecture has a thoughtful, honest and responsive quality. Our practice believes we play a vital role in creating environmentally responsible shelter in which people live, work, learn and play.

We aim to design with a moral integrity and produce outcomes that also have a physical integrity. We believe in architecture that is sound, healthy, durable, adaptable to change and appropriate for its context.

We are conscious of the our responsibility and relationship to the environment and work with quiet confidence, rather than ego, valuing the social needs of the community.

Well Being
Our architecture should create a Well Being in a broad sense, where users and communities have physical, emotional and social health. These outcomes provide the benefits and prosperity which comes from feeling secure, comfortable and healthy in your environment.

We value the importance of emotional Well Being and a sense of belonging and connection to family, colleagues and society.

Good Design
Our buildings are purpose built and client responsive. Our design approach is environmentally responsible, inclusive, collaborative and enriched by rigor and methodology.

We foster a sense of delight and beauty while maintaining an understanding of what is buildable and of best value.

Recent Projects

Our intention with the Elm Street project was to open the house up through the connection of spaces internally while at the same time, letting the outside in. The project also sees a balance between...