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Nimtim Architects

nimtim are an approachable and vibrant young architecture practice operating across London and beyond. We take a fresh and flexible approach to practice, adapting our service and role to suit differing needs and requirements.

We apply our experience as well as deep and creative thought to all of our work and focus on providing simple, elegant and pragmatic solutions. We work with clients in a spirit of collaboration to create unique designs based on their ambitions and requirements… and we care about our client’s money and time, and work within these parameters to find the most appropriate and effective proposals for every context.

Recent Projects

The client approached us to extend her small 1950’s infill terraced house to create a more usable kitchen/dining area with better connection to the garden. The existing house had low ceilings...
A bold and unusual extension to a Victorian end-of-terrace house in Stoke Newington. Focused around a double-height internal courtyard; the project employs a palette of richly coloured and textured...