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Sanya Polescuk Architects

Award winning practice, Sanya Polescuk Architects (SPA) has an established reputation for their confident modern redesign of listed residential and commercial properties and of those in designated Conservation Areas.

SPA breathes new life into old – their sustainable and viable approach makes historical settings fully appreciated habitats in the 21st century.

With skilful refurbishment and extensions, SPA is able to regenerate an existing dated building into a welcoming, functional and contemporary setting, with an emphasis on being environmentally sound.

SPA enjoys the challenge of working with complicated contextural constraints inherent in existing properties, including having to work closely with the Local Authority. These challenges helps fuel solutions are imaginative, functional and seek to maximise the potential of the building.

Recent Projects

Previously split into two maisonettes, this five-storey Victorian terraced house has been reinstated as a single-family home with a stained glass studio on top.
This project is a reinvention of an unusual mews house located in North London. A land-locked amalgamation of three different two-storey, 19th century buildings, with no less than 7 challenging...
A four-storey Victorian terrace house in Primrose Hill delicately remodelled and refurbished. Bedrooms and bathrooms are on upper floors and generous bright interior of open plan living spaces on the...