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Shaun Lockyer Architects

We are an award-winning architecture firm based in Brisbane, Australia. Our projects are predominately bespoke residential homes, with a focus on modernist architecture that connects people and place.

Shaun Lockyer Architects (SLa) award winning Brisbane architects formed in 2009 to focus on modernist architecture that connects people and place. Inherent within each project is a desire to craft memorable, sustainable and efficient design solutions that add value to the inhabitants’ lives.

SLa engages in the design and delivery of bespoke architectural homes for private clients who value a collaborative and transparent design process. Each SLa commission employs a versatility and passion that transcends scale and budget.

Recent Projects

62V was conceived of as a ‘raw’ house embodying the principal of using basic but honest materials expressed in such a way as to create a rich aesthetic from simple elements.
The Greenhouse is an environmentally responsible family home built on acreage outside Brisbane.
Sorrel Street is a project that explores the juxtaposition between historical context and contemporary architecture within a broader subtropical paradigm.