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Trevor Brown Architects

We are a North London based architectural practice and interior design studio specialising in the design of residential architecture, including managing the construction process.

We understand that a successful project is the seamless composition of the external building design and the spaces within. Our work is informed by the existing building and clients’ tastes and desires. The practice places a strong emphasis on a collaborative approach to create spaces and interiors that are tailored to each client, enjoyable to use and sophisticated additions to the original building.

Our approach leads clients through the design process starting with a ‘wish list’. Once we arrive at your essential elements and fundamental aspects of the project, the interior design and styling add the finishing touches to create gorgeous homes.

Whether you are considering a strategic refurbishment project where you want to challenge the budget to maximum your return, sophisticated renovations and extensions that challenge normal perceptions or something in between, please do not hesitate contacting our team to discuss what we can offer.

Recent Projects

A Victorian terraced house in North London, we created generous ground floor and first floor extensions, loft conversion and complete interior refurbishment.