Ambient Living

Inspired by the room’s underground location, and knowing that the clients used the space mainly at night, we developed a concept that embraced and made a feature of the darkness.


Although we specialise in whole-home designs, we’re always open to taking on smaller projects in unusual and quirky locations, or that present a particular creative challenge. In this case, the client asked us to create a design for the living/dining room space in the basement of their town house in central Brighton. The brief was loose: we were asked simply to bring it to life’. Beyond that, we more or less had carte blanche, and we made the most of our creative freedom.

The rooms are on two levels. In the lower section that runs under the road outside, we created a sunken bar; the higher area became a dedicated TV lounge, with a custom-made sofa separating the two. As lighting design specialists, we were keen to introduce some light into the space, and selected dramatic metallic pendant lights that added a sculptural element.


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