Hackney Mews House

A complete reconfiguration and extension of a contemporary Mews House in Hackney, for a young, growing family.


The existing home was small and had little natural light, and the clients needed more space for their two young children – the design brief was therefore to provide extra accommodation for a growing family, but crucially we needed to utilise and maximise the space as much as possible. We did this by adding a side extension and by redesigning the layout into a continuous, open plan arrangement, whilst at the same time ensuring that the spaces were flexible to meet the family’s needs.

We wanted to create a series of connected spaces that offered a sense of continuity rather than separation, and we accentuated this by using consistent materials throughout the interior. With the reconfigured interior layout – which is arranged over a series of three split-levels – the goal was to create a more dynamic, living environment encouraging family interaction between the different spaces in the home.

The home-office can be closed off with bespoke folding doors to become a 3rd bedroom for guests, or the concrete counter in the kitchen serves as a secondary dining area or breakfast bar. Materially, we selected a calming material palette, to create a light and relaxing home environment. We also used mirrors in the kitchen and bathrooms. A high-level mirror above the kitchen shelving reflects the deliberately exposed ceiling joists, and by reflecting the ceiling, it visually extends the space giving the illusion that there is further space beyond.


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