Luigi's Ristorante Bar

Luigi’s Ristorante Bar by Neowe is an Italian restaurant and bar situated on the first floor of Atakule AVM, Landmark in the heart of Ankara,Turkey. Project inspired by the idea of clashing traditional Sicilian interior features with the Italian Renaissance Architecture.


The space has an entrance hall, indoor and terrace dining spaces and a freestanding bar area. There is a display window with the client’s personal collection of an antique cuisine, plates and custom designed sculptures for the brand.The entrance hall has a reception desk with a cloakroom, and a wine rack. Hand-crafted blue lacquered wood panels are elevated with metal framed paintings and stained-glass in order to create a “Porta” for the space. Ceiling of indoor dining area is surrounded with famous Italian quotes written on blue moldings and silver leafed decorative ceiling ornaments. Columns are covered with hand-made tiles which are drawings of Italian panoramic landscapes. Each column has different scenery and composition. The gallery section welcomes the customers with unique embroideries stitched to several portraits, which are produced by the tailors of a local family owned textile company. Blue lacquered door frame, which is a part of the same facade, is a showcase for Renaissance elements and color emphasizes the Sicilian aspects of the design.Widely-open pizza / pasta preparation area and custom-designed plate arrangement on top are becoming a display window for the “Chefs”.

Built-in seating units are upholstered in the mustard fabric to create contrast with the surrounding environment and merge into the carpet. The lemon trees which are located at the center of the seating areas, are taking glance to Sicilian inspired concept. The iconic silhouette of the wooden bar is hand painted in order to give a dramatic silver tone. The beveled mirror and stainless-steel staircase emphasize the volume of the unit. Front counter of the bar is covered with white quartz. Blue colored wood paneling and hand-made ceramic cladding facing the general space are the details harmonizing with the interior. Outdoor dining area includes two significant design pieces; metal gazebos and flower installations. Gazebos are inspired from Italian Renaissance Garden and its form emphasized by up-lighting.Its color blends with the facade of the Atakule Shopping Mall. Dried flowers used as a homage to the nature and the color scheme of the interior. Florists installed more than 1000 bunch of dried flowers manually. Lox Design’s acclaimed design series Eaton Chair is changing its modern identity with classical scenery printed fabrics which are custom-designed by Neowe. Different color combinations and fabrics used according to the scheme of the section. Meru-L (Parla Design) model chairs and bar stools are produced with exclusive material according to color scheme of the space. Technical lighting fixtures and their impact are coordinated by Arlight ( Lighting Company). Decorative lighting fixtures are gathered from different manufacturing companies. Their material selection and accessories are edited according to concept.

Neowe collaborated with the marketing agency Mineral, who provided brand identity for the Luigi’s Ristorante Bar, to create a coherent interior space and strong brand identity. Overall, the design creates a unique identity and brings Italian flair to the Heart of Ankara.

What was the brief?

Luigi’s Ristorante Bar is a newcomer brand, owned by Bemse.Neowe designed total 650square meter space,which is located on the first floor of Atakule Shopping Mall.The brand aimed to create the Italian flair by visualization of its art and its culture. Conceptual idea was to integrate the origin point,wh,ch is based on Italian Renaissance, with the colors of Southern Italy for the Italian daytime luxury dining experience.

What were the solutions?

The interior is intertwined with the hand-embroidered canvases, blue lacquered painted wood panels,famous Italian quotes written on blue moldings, silver leafed ceiling ornaments and hand-made tiles in order to enhance the atmosphere. Outdoor area is homage to the Italian Renaissance Garden. The brand offers an alternative attention zone for the passers, embodies abstract elements of concept with the functionality needs of a commercial space.

What were the key challenges?

One of the main challenge is to create The Italian Flair inside a newly renovated Shopping Mall. Highly detailed perspective of the brand creates contrast to surrounding environment, as if the entrance area is a “Porta” of the Italian experience. In addition to that, Neowe aims to adjust all the elements proportionately so that one cannot add or subtract without breaking the harmony of the whole. The space is woven with perfect unity.


Project size: 650 m2

Completion date: 2018

Photographer: Fethi Magara

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