Paddock House

ZAC and ZAC captured this luxurious home in Cheshire designed by interior designer, Harriet Hughes.


The house is a new build, and although a modern house in itself, the architecture and proportions reflect that of the Georgian era replacing that of a rendered white period Victorian house. The house is on three floors consisting of a basement cinema, wine cellar, and bar. The house is large in size, however, the rooms were impractically laid out and felt small and closed off from one another. The clients loved the location and plot, however, they wanted something more open plan, with more emphasis on lighting and the view out to the beautiful surroundings. Therefore, the new house has been designed with large frameless windows and a sky window has been incorporated within the hallway to bring lots of light into every aspect of the home.

Although this house is a modern build, Harriet wanted to incorporate a timeless classic design by using detailing and features. The intricate architraves and door details, as well as the joinery, were used to make this a forever home. Within the bathrooms, Harriet also incorporated this focus of elegance by using beautiful marble finishes and intricate tile details throughout.

ZAC and ZAC captured this project by using a flashlight sparsely to maintain the natural light to produce imagery that best represented the true atmosphere of the space. They also used colour-checking tools whilst shooting onsite to ensure the colour was accurately illustrated. Through a range of camera angles, they were able to capture the intricate details of the design and the full aspect of the space.


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